Against all odds we elected an “America First” president, and he immediately leapt straight into the first ambush that the Neocon-Liberal-Wahhabist alliance set out for him. Now they will inevitably draw him into a war that will sink his administration. In one single act, Donald Trump has completely destroyed the possibility of peace and cooperation with Russia that his own candidacy created, and doomed himself to political defeat. All of our hopes, however reasonable or otherwise, were lies. Donald Trump has demonstrated himself to be exactly the dangerous retard that liberals said he was.

This wasn’t just a dumb move. This was chump on so many levels that it is Fourth Dimensional Chump. Donald Trump traded the people who got him elected for an alliance with people who have every intention and method of destroying him. At the cost of 100 million dollars, he squandered a large chunk of our cruise missile inventory in order to wag his sagging, rotten old dick at Putin, while acting as the air force of DAESH. The actual effect of the raid was to convince Putin (and everyone else) that they are dealing with an unstable man-child who is desperately trying to signal how tough and smart he is, precisely because he is neither.

This is George W Bush with a full frontal lobotomy and twice the cocaine habit, and his retarded fucking son-in-law is apparently now going to lead the new Neocon crusade in Syria and Iraq.

This is an absolute and total defeat. Every hope we had for Trump is dead. As a man, Donald Trump is a coward, a traitor to his people, and a world class chump. As a political actor, he is the meat puppet of the Antichrist, purely a mechanism of deception and control, and we must now admit that he always was. As a leader, he is a total and absolute failure who has squandered everything.

We were taken by Trump because we were desperate and we were betrayed by Trump because we are weak. That must end. Because while Trump was a lie, the crazy, intoxicating, radical energy of the Trump campaign was absolutely authentic  because it didn’t come from Trump but from the people. That energy could raze the whole system to the ground. That energy could raise up an entire new civilization.

Kill the libertarian inside of you and turn your face to the people. Find somewhere in your soul that part of you that is still human enough to prefer death and destruction to the dishonor of abandoning them. They are awakening inside of an absolute hell, under the sign of a postmodern darkness, and deep in the clutches of the adversary.

In that second when Donald Trump transformed into Hillary Clinton, you were given a glimpse of the face of absolute Evil, of the howling satanic void and the black fetid rot that is the truth and soul of America. Do not look away. Take the whole fucking black pill. Because you are a slave to this abomination who was born into the bondage of darkness, and your master has just revealed himself in his true nature. Pay attention. All true knowledge comes from pain.

In the long night of the soul that follows such a treacherous and brutal defeat, there is one great possibility. It is that you will rise in the bitter dawn with a mouthful of ashes and begin the long alchemy that transforms boiling rage and icy despair into the cold hatred that is the foundation of all revolutionary discipline. That Alchemy is called vengeance. It begins with a merciless hatred of our weakness and the cultivation of an iron will to destroy it, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

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